Christian ‘other worldliness’ is cowardly, and ultimately a great evil..

Of course, there is a kind of ‘worldliness’ that is also evil, because it consumes, ravages, possesses, destroys, the earth and the world. Christ espoused a Third Way beyond the opposites of ‘other worldly’ versus ‘worldliness.’ He counselled us to be ‘in’ the world but not ‘of’ the world.

Be ‘in’ via love, suffering love, the passion of love.

Whatever you lose here and now, for the sake of loving the world passionately, is everlasting gain.

Whatever you hold on to, possess, ‘have’, consume, here and now, causing you to betray the call to love the world, is everlasting loss.

Only those who lose the world for evil ends regain the world for the ends of love.