Wheatfield With Crows (detail), Vincent Van Gogh

Passion of Heart

Passion arises from what a human being will dedicate his heart to and what he will die for.

The very word ‘passion’ is nowadays confused, and degraded, and needs reclaiming. Some people have urged this term not be used, but in English there is no other.

Passion is not ‘sex.’
Passion is not ‘fanaticism.’
Passion is not ‘ambition.’
Passion is not ‘strong feeling.’ Feeling belongs to the soul.
Passion is not ‘strong liking.’ Liking, or attraction, is desire, and drives the soul.
Passion is not ‘emotion.’ Passion is warm but keeps its cool. Emotion is cold, but blows hot.
Passion is not the operatic gesture. Children identify with super-heroes in the imagination because they are not ready to commit to heroism for real.

Passion is not our pursuit of all the trash advertising dangles before our jaded palette, to persuade us to part with our money. The sellers of hamburgers are not passionate about beef, they are passionate about money. Some passion is evil, and some passion is sick [pathology].

Passion calls us into action in situations of danger and suffering where not to go would be easier and less costly.

Passion comes from a wound.

Jamie Moran