In cleaning this chaotic stable of years’ accumulation, I find things. I found a letter from a friend, reacting to something I had sent him=

“Depth only comes from a wound – yes, I agree. Yes I believe that is true. We can’t even avoid it. If we avoid it, it only hurts more. Sometimes I believe that life is only a process whereby we gradually learn to embrace this wound. It is still so difficult though.”


It is always worse than we ever imagined it could be.

But it is true that, in the Daemonic, “life is only a process whereby we gradually learn to embrace this wound.”

You are dying for the Daemonic and you will only be raised for the Daemonic.

Not many people, and certainly not many Christians, have got that two-sided paradox yet..

Both the ancient Celts and Jews start the New Year in winter, death, dark, and move onward into summer. Unlike the ‘naturalistic’ year that dawns and sets, the Daemonic year starts in the finish of things, the sunset, and then travels to the dawn, to the beginning of things. This is also West to East along the ‘bad black road of worldly difficulties and war.’

If you are suffering inexplicably and unbearably, you have been switched out of the Eros Way, and put on the Daemonic Road.

This is also Cross, Descent into Hell, Resurrection.

Bear and endure in the hard place.