The tygers of wrath are wiser than the horses of instruction.
William Blake

Perhaps misguided moral passion is better than confused indifference.
Iris Murdoch

I come not to bring peace, but to bring a sword.
Christ in Mathew, 10, 34.

Do you suppose I came to grant peace on earth? I tell you, no, but rather division.
Christ in Luke, 12, 51.

Let’s start by recognizing there is a fundamental unacceptability about unpleasant truth. We all shield ourselves against its wounding accuracy.
William Sloane Coffin

Never fight evil as if it were something that arose totally outside of yourself.
St Augustine of Hippo

All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.
St Paul in Romans, 3, 23.

By truth the earth endures.
The basis of honour is truth.
The dead go to the place of truth.
Old Celtic