“Just as the concept ‘faith’ is an altogether distinctively Christian term, so in turn is ‘offence’ an altogether distinctively Christian term relating to faith. The possibility of offence is the crossroad, or it is like standing at the crossroad. From the possibility of offence, one turns either to offence or to faith, but one never comes to faith except from the possibility of offence.. Offence.. relates to the God-man and has two forms. It is either in relation to the loftiness that one is offended, that an individual human being claims to be God, acts or speaks in a manner that manifests God.. or the offence is in relation to lowliness, that the one who is God is this lowly human being, suffering as a lowly human being.. The God-man is the paradox, absolutely the paradox. Therefore, it is altogether certain that the understanding must come to a standstill on it.”
[Kierkegaard, ‘Practice In Christianity’, p 81]

Offence at the lowliness of God= Lucifer
Offence at the loftiness of Humanity= Satan

A friend= “the power that lies behind true human passion must be the power of God.”
This is what sustains the paradox.
‘With God all things are possible.’