“I have just read ‘Saving and Redeeming’, and a quick thought – or feeling.

To me salvation has to do with saving a thing, rescuing it from trouble, evil, or applying a healing salve to mend it.

The broken may be rescued and mended but the thing in itself, the brokenness, remains itself as it is/was. It is still a broken thing ‘stuck together.’ Redemption actually involves change of the thing redeemed.

You can ‘redeem’ an object you have pawned of course. In this sense when God redeems us we pass back into his ownership but more than that – redemption involves a change in heart.. It’s not just rescuing it – it is putting a new stamp on it, the owner’s mark perhaps, in any case it moves into another condition when it is redeemed.

Salvation is only half the job.

Not well expressed but I guess you see what I mean.”

Salvation works with the God-given blueprint. It facilitates the capacity to grow into a potential identity, an evolution of identity effected through relationship.

Redemption has lost any chance of the coming good of the blueprint, yet ‘not me, but Christ in me’ becomes its more fundamental power.