‘Tao Te Ching’ of Lao Tzu, ch 8=

“The highest good is like water.

Because water benefits all things
without contending with them,
and settles in low places everyone disdains,
it comes close to the Tao.

..it is because it does not contend that it is never at fault.”


St Symeon the New Theologian=

“God is light
A light infinite and incomprehensible
All that comes from him is light
And is given to us as arising from the light,
The light– life,
The light is immortality,
The light is the source of life
The light is living water; love, peace, truth and
The door to the kingdom of heaven.
The light is the very kingdom itself.
The light is the heavenly bridal chamber, paradise,
And all the bliss of paradise.”