The Daemonic divinizes us, in and through the heart, in and through love.

“Man is a creature who has received the command to become God”= St Basil.

“To reunite, through love, the created nature of the human with the uncreated divine grace”, the usual formulation in St Gregory of Nyssa, is Eros divinisation, but this only happens as a consequence of the Daemonic divinization that is through the heart and thus through freedom.

“God unites himself only with gods”= St Symeon. When God’s heart comes to house itself in our heart, we undergo this awesome coming as something not beyond us, not a deus ex machina, but as an event ‘paved the way for’ in our own depth, ‘something that only comes to us from the free motion of our heart..’

As Christ overcame the temptation to fail existence in the heart, so we are called to overcome the same temptation.

Such is the Daemonic. It makes us a lover like God loves.

In Eros, we are enveloped in love, and dance within its cosmic architecture and dance to its natural rhythms, celebrating it as gratuitous gift. In Eros, we are always, as Red Indians put it, ‘a part of it.’

In the Daemonic, we are not part of anything, rather, the royal personhood is free in the radical existential sense, and thus as we trust our depths, sacrificing self-will, and resisting the Hostile Will, and answering the call of the divine will to ‘come out’, so we stand on love in the depths in our ‘motion’ of heart, and by this we ‘win’ our heart, and thus ‘win’ our divinisation.. God only unites with gods= God only unites in heart with hearts tried and tested, checked out, come through, and ‘true.’

The Daemonic divinizes us in a unique way, making in us humans the same fiery heart as God. This is Holiness.