Nowadays passion is neither understood nor lived. This is why so many people are static, frozen, adrift, bored, restless, lost, hollow, disheartened. Fantasy, violence, drugs, consumerism, mechanical sex without human meeting, is the solace for the absence of passion.

Two things always strike at the human heart=

[a] it is situated in hazard, thus its true, personal action is inescapably at risk and subject to pain= this is its suffering passionateness;

[b] it is aware of risk and pain, and struggling with its own authenticity= this is its conscience about its passionateness.

Passion is forged or broken in affliction, tribulation, and travail, which comes from outside, but must be wrestled with on the inside.

The Daemonic fate inherent to existence can=

[1] drive us into pathology [neurotic or psychotic]
[2] cause us to keep to the shallows with others in a herd
[3] tempt us into the short-cut of evil
[4] tempt us to substitute toughing it out for real heroism
5] eliminate the heart by recourse to various forms of spirituality of transcendence
[6] move us to true heroism

Passion has about it not only nobility but also pathos.