God’s wisdom is folly to humans, and human wisdom is folly to God. The Daemonic works by Reversal.

Kierkegaard= “What is the absurd? The absurd is– the eternal truth has come into being in time..” [p 29, ‘Concluding Unscientific Postscript’, ed. H. Blackham, 1974].

God is gambling with time, that history will either ‘move forward’ toward a good end, a redemption of the possibility of humanity and the world to which humanity is bound, or the ‘nightmare of history’ will remain and only become ever more so.. Time is, in the world, existential, make or break for what could go either way.

This gamble confers a radical freedom on all the parties to it, God, humanity, the devil.. We must embrace the ‘fearful dangers’ of not knowing, of nothing being guaranteed, but it all hinging on how we use freedom, for the outcome depends on the ‘crucial decisions’ we make.

Yet, because this existential focus is upon ‘existence’ in its metaphysical precariousness, in its unsecured grounding, so everything in this world does not stem from a Plenitude above, but leans on an Abyss beneath. Everything is poised over nothingness.

Hence= passion moves through time, on the ground, over an Abyss.