The Eros side of the resurrection, its joy, is not due to any promise of going to heaven after death, or the human spirit somehow surviving bodily death.

The ‘death’ overcome by Christ’s resurrection is the separation of soul from body, their division, which kills the body yet also ‘puts the soul on ice’, consigning the soul to Hades, a half-life, a shadowy life, a ‘continuing’ in some sense but a continuing that is without life; just a pale, spectral mere [bare] subsisting. Such is the ‘ghostly’ realm of the Greek Hades, which is very similar to the Jewish Sheol..

Consequently, the resurrection’s ‘joy in life’ is not the happiness of going to heaven, which would just maintain the ‘un-natural’ separating of soul from body, but is, rather, the rejoicing of the soul re-incarnate in the body, the celebrating of the soul fully embodied. This is the final transfigured Eros, ‘the new heaven and the new earth’, because heaven and earth are married, creating a ‘heavenly earth.’

A different kind of materiality, a different kind of body, will rise from life’s last withering on the vine, yet the material substance, the bodily form, will not be ‘shed.’ The future brings the incarnate Eros.

That new eschatological condition of Eros, brought about only by the suffering passion of the Daemonic in Redemption, is therefore the ‘death’ of the Cross that leads to a ‘born again’ life in the New, finally fulfilled, Messianic Age= a life more alive, more joyously ecstatic, more abundantly overflowing, more creatively fructified and fruitful, than any previously..

This is the Holy City and Sacred Garden that will be humanity’s enduring through all the ages upon ages, without end, olam to olam.

This is why Yeshua the Mashiach is both “the king of the rulers of the earth” and “the first born of the dead” [Revelations, 1, 4-5].. Many will follow, for everything will pass through the door his kingship opened.