Nothing could be further removed from Isaiah’s Suffering Servant — the Reversal Man, the ‘Man of Constant Sorrows’, the ‘Uncomely Man’ Humiliated and Rejected – than the American Jesus.

In fact, the American Jesus is really Superman– the Superman without any Cross.

And Superman is really the Jewish misinterpretation of the Messiah as a Saviour Figure, paying no price, but miraculously and magically putting everything right, making it all better, especially for the Jews but because of them, for the world.

The ‘Superman American Jesus’ and the ‘Jewish Miracle-Working and Magical Saviour’ are one and the same, ultimately. Neither is the Redeemer who must pay the supreme price to redeem.

This is the real reason America supports Zionism. It is not simply Middle East realpolitik. The injustice of the neo-Jewish religion of American Exceptionalism [America as the new ‘Chosen People’ whose Imperialism is to be praised because it will create an Empire which will save the world] fits like a hand into a glove in regard to the injustice of the Israeli State’s violent domination of and immoral dealings with the Palestinians. The Palestinians are not angels.. But that is not the point. As supposedly very different from all other nations, the Jews are called to deal justly among themselves and to deal justly with the world.

The Holocaust does not give the Jews a ‘get out of jail free’ card.. Survive, yes. But become just another dishonourable and cruel betrayer of all standing in the heart, like your persecutors, no.