In the Beginning, God, nature, humanity, live in unity.

The Eternal renders the moment timeless.
The Infinite dwells in the finite.

To hear the sound of the soundless.
To see the form of the formless.

Different peoples call this by different names.

Shamanism called it the Sacred Origins.
Greeks called it the Golden Age.
Buddhists called it the Original Face.
Jews called it Paradise.


Once this primal splendour is lost, a polarization occurs.

Two diametrically opposed religious responses are provoked.

The path to God divides.

The Right Arm of God is Eros, the Left Arm of God is the Daemonic.

Each Arm assumes a different, and converse, task.

Eros is mainly focused on the constancy of space, the Daemonic is mainly focused on the movement of time.

Eros ‘remembers’ how we were. The impulse of Eros religion is to recognise, and reconnect with, the place where we began, the place of connection.

The Daemonic accepts where we are now, in all its limitations, but fights through time for the redemption at the End.


Eros= the Ontological.
Daemonic= the Existential.

Eros= the Goodness of love.
Daemonic= the Risk of love.

A waterfall plunging from unseen heights.
A spring welling up from the cave in the earth;
such is the ‘ontological.’
The vehicle of the ontological is the soul.
Eros–soul is the wedding we are all journeying toward.

Lightning zigzagging to hard ground.
Fire kindled from the chasm beneath the earth;
such is the ‘existential.’
The vehicle of the existential is the heart.
Daemonic–heart is the fight in the depth we are all struggling in, where we do not yet know if love will win or will forsake us.

Eros= Everything is ontologically derived from the Pleroma ‘above.’
Daemonic= Everything is existentially haunted from the Abyss ‘below.’