Hasidism= “Anger can cause a sage to lose his wisdom, or a person who is destined for greatness to forfeit it.” [Mendy Kaminker]


The ‘sin of Moses [Numbers, 20, 7-13], and what makes him lesser to the sinner David, is his anger. Ostensibly a righteous anger on God’s behalf, it is in reality a self-righteous anger on his own behalf. Moses has mistakenly identified with God’s Cause, not let God’s Truth stab him, as it did David, to reveal his own untruth. Thinking himself ‘justified’ in God’s Cause, Moses actually blocks God’s cause in the incident where he upbraids the people as he strikes the rock to bring forth water. In the same spirit Moses destroys the Tablets of the Law.

The false attempt to identify with God produces the zealot without heart. Humble acknowledgement in the heart that God’s Ways and Thoughts are not our ways and thoughts produces repentance.


That David is immeasurably greater and deeper than Moses will be clear cut to anyone who has the heart with which to understand what Yahweh means in saying to all of us, ‘My Ways are not your ways, My Thoughts are not your thoughts.’

We cannot identify with Ways, and Thoughts, not ours. That is cheating, it is dishonest to our heart. Our heart must be broken before it can be remade as the house of God’s heart. Getting closer to God is not so easy.. It ain’t enthusiasm, it ain’t good boy or good girl compliance. You will be shredded to get close to God, so do not pretend you can mystically unite with him before your heart has ‘paid its dues’, nor pretend you can morally aim at God and that is enough, your idealism will get you there.. Do not imagine you are in favour of God, his Ways and Thoughts have straightforwardly become your ways and thoughts, because you have adapted your way to God’s Way and adopted His Thoughts as your thoughts. You haven’t. It cannot be done, not like that. Without contention, without clashing, without the reduction of your heart to nothing, you will never ‘in your heart of hearts’ accept God’s Way and God’s Thoughts. Stop kidding yourself. Stop lying, to yourself as well as to God, and to other people. Tell other people, I cannot repent of my way and my thoughts; secretly I know it is better than God’s Way and God’s Thoughts. Go to the people and confess your alienation from God, and with tears and bowed head, tell them how hard, how impossible, it is to reconcile with God over his very different ‘mode of operating.’ That confession will do more for you, and for them, than all your pious play acting, pretending to be in with God when, like everyone, you are out with God.

If liberals are mother idolatry, the lax children of matriarchy, then the conservatives, authoritarians, fundamentalists, evangelicals, of patriarchy are father idolatry= both are incest, and neither works.

Over identification with God is the real sin of Moses.

For if I simply take it for granted that my anger is the same as God’s anger, then this means in effect that my judgment can command God’s judgment, we never disagree because he always backs me fully. In short, I am god, and he is simply my sanction, my authority, my validation, in claiming to be god. My judgement on you, because I am strong while you are weak, is ultimate. If I say you are wrong, you are wrong, and you’d better believe me, or else I will kill you.. After all, you hardly deserve to go on living, such is the error of your departure and increasing divergence from me, the only valid ‘kosher’ god..

This is horrendous folly.

So, for practical purposes on earth, in the everyday, the beard stroking patriarch is god. And what a god he proves to be! A tin pot dictator, dispensing cruelty, handing out sadistic punishment, to anyone who dares to question that the patriarch’s Big Ego is not god, and has no sanction, no blessing, from the real God, the real father, the hidden and mysterious father. “Call no man father” is not a text of the Christian Bible much noticed by patriarchal religions, or by patriarchal religious peoples.

David is truly great because he knew himself worse than everyone else, and by accepting, however reluctantly, to be under God’s hammer, painfully and slowly put down the hammer against other people.


It is only when you are really under God’s hammer that you learn what your heart’s true disposition, and situation, in the world really is. It is not good news..

When you are under the hammer of God, you do not hammer other people.

When you hammer other people, you are not under the hammer of God.

When you are under the hammer of God, you are blessed more than at any time in your life, even if you reincarnated and returned for millions of years. Do not pray for it to pass. Pray to learn its lessons, pray to be helped to stay under as long as your heart needs.

Under the hammer of God, we find what our heart seeks, the true God, and the true heart that is his vehicle, his chariot of fire.

Under the hammer of God, we gain psychological knowledge of the heart, and are helped to attain spiritual power and wisdom that exceeds any psychological level. We are initiated into the true heart of humanity, on which Yahweh placed his gamble against Satan.

Under the hammer of God, we acquire the hammer of God that contends against Satan in a fair fight, not over until the end.

When you are under the hammer of God, you are being initiated into the real fight for the human heart and for the human world.

It is hard, it is heart forsaken.

You will shed much, but you will become both the broken, and the Redeemer of the broken, at one and the same time.


A certain judgement, and condemnation, of the human heart for its weakness, its laxity, its back sliding, is close to the Satanic Lie that contends with God to prove humanity worthless. Moses was tempted by Satan and found wanting.. He failed the true test of greatness.

True greatness carries, and pays for, what is less than itself, always believing the greatness it has attained is latently within the people it serves.

The flaw in greatness= to find the flaw in humanity unacceptable.

The test of greatness= to never give up carrying the load in people, out of faith they will one day carry the load. You cannot give up on people. You cannot cease carrying them, because you too have put down the burden and are no better than them, in the reckoning of God. If you stand, it is by God’s help. If you help your brother or sister to stand, it is out of being helped that you understand no one is beyond help. It is not for you, whatever your supposed and seeming accomplishments of strength, to give up on anyone. God did not give up on you when your face was eating the dust. You do not give up on anyone. If you were not beyond help, neither are they. If you have to yourself get down in the dust to help them, then do it, and be glad they are giving you the opportunity to love as you were loved. That is the honour, the respect, God grants you.