Time: nothing stationary or static, but everything on the move, everything going, everything passing.

Time: not only constant motion, with everything unable to stay put as it is, but also the mortality of everything, everything dying, everything having an end, nothing permanent.

Life as relentless change, life as unpreventable impermanence.

Life as always passing, life as passing away.

Life as the passing away of everything we cherish, no less than the passing away of what does not matter to us.

“Everything goes.”

Time is forward moving, every present has a past and a future. Only now is real, yet now is fleeting, unstable, coming from the past and going into the future, soon lost. If you lose now, you lose your time, the time to do anything..

Time: the passing away of everything that matters to us, and the passing away of our very self, whether it matters to us or not.

The question: are we just, in the end, worm food with consciousness?

Death is the only certainty, and it throws everything into doubt.

Death tells us our time is short, we have to seize it, or it passes us by, racing past us as we become like a beached whale. Death lends personal significance to this ‘brief span’, giving you ‘your’ life, and giving me ‘my life’, and creates urgency, and intensity. Hence Yalom’s paradox. Death might actually be ‘the end’, yet the awareness we will die saves us from squandering the time we have, by inaction, laziness, sleep-walking. Death is the wake-up call for humanity.

What is thrown into fundamental doubt must be searched out in the living. Is there anything meaningful enough for my life, or for my death?