Daniel, 3, 52-56, addresses four spheres of the operation of Yahweh=

[1] You are blessed in the firmament of heaven.
[2] You are blessed in the temple of your glory.
[3] You are blessed on the throne of your kingdom.
[4] You are blessed who gaze into the depths.

Eros as Salvational= heaven, temple.
Daemonic as Redemptive= throne, depths.

All Christians, East and West, are using [1] and [2] as defense against [3] and [4]. This blocks the Second Covenant taking the time it needs to reach fulfillment in the Apocalypse.

Malachi, 3, 1-2=

“I send my messenger to prepare the way for me..
But who can endure the day of Yahweh’s coming, and who can stand when he appears?”

The Apocalypse of John of Patmos, 19, 11-16=

“And I saw heaven open, and a white horse come out, and he that rode him was called faithful and true; he judges with integrity, a warrior for justice. His eyes were flames of fire, and on his head were many crowns; the name written on him no man knew, but he himself. His cloak was soaked with blood; he is known by the name, the Word of God.. From his mouth came a sharp sword, to strike the nations sunk in the life of greed, lust, possessing; and he will rule them with a sceptre of integrity; and tread out the wine of Yahweh’s fierce anger. On his cloak and on his thigh there was a name written: the king of kings and lord of lords.”