“..What am I to do with this ravine
that has opened within me,
where once I lived,
you live
yet you are nothing, no one
so within me now lives
nothing that I know!

..God touches me
at the sweet core
and changes
that which I was,
the rock of earth,
into the body of communion,
to be taken or given
as you choose..”



“We should let ourselves be guided by what is common to all. Yet, although the Logos is common to all, most men live as if each of them had a private intelligence of his own.”

“The waking have one world in common, whereas each sleeper turns away to a private world of his own.”

“Although the Logos is eternally valid, yet men are unable to understand it.. That is to say, though all things come to pass in accordance with this Logos, men seem to be.. without any experience of it.. Men are as neglectful of what they do when awake as they are when asleep.”